European Centre for Mithraic Studies is dedicated to promoting the study and understanding of the great god Mithra. Mithra is an ancient Indo-European god, whose cult flourished in different times all throughout the
Indo-European world …

MithraCon 2020

March 27-29, 2020! Courtyard by Marriott at Yale, 30 Whalley Ave., New Haven, CT 06511 The New England Conference on Mithraic Studies is an informal

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Neptunalia Hear, Neptune [Poseidon], ruler of the sea profound, whose liquid grasp begirts the solid ground; Who, at the bottom of the stormy main, dark and deep-bosom’d, hold’st thy wat’ry reign; Thy awful hand the brazen trident bears, and ocean’s utmost bound, thy will reveres: Thee I invoke, whose steeds the foam divide, from whose dark locks the briny waters glide; Whose voice loud founding thro’ the roaring deep, drives all its billows, in a raging heap; When fiercely riding thro’ the boiling sea, thy hoarse command the trembling waves obey. Earth shaking, dark-hair’d God, the liquid plains (the third division) Fate to thee ordains, ‘Tis thine, cærulian dæmon, to survey well pleas’d the monsters of the ocean play, Confirm earth’s basis, and with prosp’rous gales waft ships along, and swell the spacious sails; Add gentle Peace, and fair-hair’d Health beside, and pour abundance in a blameless tide.