Sama Veda

Hymns to Mitra from the Sama Veda

  • Part Second, Book I, Chapter I

V Mitra-Varuṇa

1. Varuna, Mitra, sapient pair, pour fatness on our pastures, pour
Meath on the regions of the air!
2, Gladdened by homage, ruling far, ye reign by majesty of might,
Pure in your ways, for evermore.
3. Lauded by Jamadagni’s song, sit in the shrine of sacrifice:
Drink Soma, ye who strengthen Law!

  • Part Second, Book II, Chapter I

VII Mitra-Varuṇa

1. Mitra and Varuna we call to drink the draught of Soma juice,
Those born endowed with holy strength.
2. Those who by Law uphold the Law, Lords of the shining light of Law,
Mitra I call, and Varuna.
3. Let Varuna be our chief defence, let Mitra guard us with all aids,
Both make us rich exceedingly!

  • Part Second, Book II, Chapter II

VI Mitra-Varuṇa

1. Mitra of holy strength I call, and foe-destroying Varuna,
Who perfect prayer with offered oil.
2. By Law, O Mitra, Varuna, Law-strengtheners who cleave to Law,
Have ye obtained your lofty power.
3. The Sages, Mitra, Varuna, of wide dominion, mighty ones,
Bestow on us effectual strength.

  • Part Second, Book III, Chapter I

VII Mitra-Varuṇa

1. This Soma hath been pressed for you, Low-strengtheners, Mitra, Varuna!
List, list ye here to this may call!
2. Both Kings who never injure aught have come to their sublimest home,
The thousand-pillared, firmly based.
3. Worshipped with fat libation. Lords of gifts, Adityas, sovran Kings,
They wait on him whose life is true.

  • Part Second, Book III, Chapter II

VIII Mitra-Varuṇa

1. Even far and wide, O Varuna and Mitra, doth your help extend:
May I obtain your kind good-will!
2. True Gods, may we completely gain food and a dwelling place from you:
Ye Mitras, may we be your own!
3. Guard us, ye Mitras, with your guards, save us, ye skilled to save: may we
Subdue the Dasyus by ourselves!

  • Part Second, Book IV, Chapter I

VIII Mitra, Varuṇa, Aryaman

1. Soon as the Sun hath risen I sing to you, to Mitra, Varuna,
And Aryaman who slays the foe.
2. With wealth of gold may this my song bring unmolested might; may this,
Sages! obtain the sacrifice!
3. May we be thine, God Varuna, and with our princes, Mitra, thine:
May we gain food and heavenly light!

  • Part Second, Book IV, Chapter II

IV Mitra-Varuṇa

1. Sing forth unto your Varuna and Mitra with a song inspired:
They, mighty Lords, are lofty law.
2. Full springs of fatness, sovran Kings, Mitra and Varuna, the twain,
Gods glorified among the Gods,
3. So help ye us to riches, great celestial and terrestrial wealth!
Vast is your sway among the Gods.

  • Part Second, Book VI, Chapter III

XI Mitra-Varuṇa

1. So help ye us to riches, great celestial and terrestrial wealth
Vast is your sway among the Gods!
2. Carefully tending Law with law they have attained their vigorous might:
Both Gods, devoid of guile, wax strong.
3. With rainy skies and streaming floods, Lords of the food that falls in dew,
A lofty seat have they attained.